Who the frick is Mojo Nixon?

He is the Honorary Captain of the 1998 medal winning US Olympic Luge team. He appeared on the cover of the Wall Street Journal the same week he appeared nude in Future Sex magazine. He debated Pat Buchanan on Crossfire. He was an answer on Jeopardy. He appeared on Politically Incorrect. He had two lines edited out of a song because his distributor was afraid of being sued by McDonalds. An article he wrote for Hustler Magazine was censored.  He once had to hire an armed guard for a show due to death threats from an angry Don Henley fan. He had Don Henley join him on stage to sing along on his song "Don Henley Must Die." His song "Bring Me The Head Of David Geffen" was abruptly pulled from an album after threats of lawsuits. He has performed shows with acts ranging from Soul Asylum, The Dead Kennedys and the Butthole Surfers to Koko Taylor, Jerry Lee Lewis and Ali Farke Toure. He was the subject of a New York Times op ed piece on Clinton's choice of campaign songs.   His video for "Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Child" starred Winona Ryder and was banned by MTV.  He has been in several movies the last was of which is titled "BUTTCRACK".  He has performed in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan.


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